Irish Golfer Shane Lowry Drops Awesome F-Bomb at Honda Classic (Video)

irish golfer shane lowry f-bomb

Golf is a paradox. No other sport makes you as prone to fiery outbursts of profanity, but in no other sport is such profanity more frowned upon.

Of course, this paradox is mostly just a problem for us amateurs who can’t hit anything lower than a five iron with any degree of confidence. For the pros who two-putt and reach the greens in regulation and hit the fairway 70% of the time, sudden outbursts of profanity are considerably more rare.

They do happen, though. Just ask Irishman Shane Lowry.

Lowry botched his tee shot on the 15th hole at the Honda Classic at Palm Beach Gardens on Sunday, hitting the water about 30 feet short of the green. And viewers at home could tell right away that he’d botched it, because about one second after Lowry hit it he called himself a “fookin idiot.”

Check it out:

The NBC broadcasters were shocked and appalled and apologized to the viewers at home. However, you know there wasn’t a single viewer at home who hadn’t done the same damn thing.

Did Lowry apologize for his potty mouth after the tournament? Hell no he didn’t:

Good for you, Shane Lowry.

Hat Tip – [Irish Times]

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