Bo Jackson Talks About Running a 4.13 40 at the 1986 NFL Combine (Video)

bo jackson 4.13 40

Officially, the fastest 40 ever run at the NFL scouting combine is Chris Johnson‘s 4.24 back in 2008. Unofficially, people say the record really belongs to Bo Jackson, who legend has it ran a 4.12 back in 1986.

Why isn’t Bo’s time recognized as the official record? Well, there are conflicting reports here. Most agree that Bo’s 40 was timed by hand. Some say it was because the NFL only started using electronic timing in 1990. Others say it was because they only started using electronic timing in 1999. But either way the basic idea is that the NFL just did not realize that, one day, people would give a sh*t about this stuff, so they did not bother to standardize everything.

So what does Bo have to say? Well, that is where the story gets interesting. This week Bo talked about the legend of his 4.12 40 on ESPN2’s His & Hers show, and his version of events differs significantly from the legend as it has been passed down to us.

Take a look:

That’s right. Bo says it was a 4.13, not a 4.12. And he says he was timed electronically.

Of course, Bo admits that he didn’t see the official time himself. But I’m still inclined to accept his version of events. After all, Bo knows sprinting.

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