Delonte West’s Erratic Behavior Caused By Wrong Meds Given To Him By Treatment Center

Former NBA point guard Delonte West has had many issues since he last played in the NBA. It’s been highly publicized that Delonte has a bipolar disorder and it doesn’t help matters when you receive the wrong medication for your disorder as this treatment center is accused of doing.

Last week, Delonte was found in Houston outside a Jack in the box restaurant with no shoes on wandering in the parking lot.


Then he was caught on camera dancing at a strip mall and yelling at kids:

According to his family and friends there was a specific reason for that.
West’s close friends tells us … he wants people to know the 32-year-old is receiving treatment for his bipolar disorder thanks to quick action from friends, family, the NBA and his former agent.
“Delonte was at a facility where he received the wrong medication. He began hallucinating. Because of the hallucinations he walked out of the facility, barefoot, in the hospital gown. He went to go get food. That’s when he was video taped and photographed.”

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