Report: LeBron James Is Making His Teammates ‘Miserable’


Currently, the Cleveland Cavaliers have the best record in the Eastern conference as they sit at 42-17 on the season. You wouldn’t know it by the coach being fired & recent reports of disgruntled players in the locker room. On Monday, Stephen A. Smith reported that Cavs PG Kyrie Irving is unhappy and wants out of Cleveland immediately.

On Tuesday, reports are that Cavs superstar LeBron James is making his teammates miserable. Basketball Insiders took a look under the hood of the Cavs and this is what they found:

“Sources close to the situation have described the Cavaliers’ locker room as “miserable” at times, even when the team is having success. Part of the problem, according to sources, is that James is an extremely demanding leader and has a strong sense of urgency since he’s 31 years old, in his 13th season and has a ton of basketball miles on his body.

This intensity can be a good thing, as he has led his teammates to work harder and play to their full potential. However, it has also led to some issues, especially since James is at a different stage of his career than many of Cleveland’s other key contributors. Remember, players like Irving (23 years old), Love (27 years old) and Tristan Thompson (24 years old) among others are much younger and they can afford to be a bit more patient when it comes to winning a ring. Each of these players just got their first taste of the postseason last year, so it’s hard for them be as driven as James in his quest to bring the Larry O’Brien trophy to Cleveland.

It’s unclear if Irving is actually unhappy or – if he is – why exactly he wants out. But his history of disliking the city of Cleveland, the fact that he’s playing in James’ shadow to some extent and the comments made by people like Varejao and Griffin do lend credence to Smith’s rumor.”

It’s going to be an interesting offseason after the Cavs lose in the finals once again. Stay tuned.

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