Yoenis Cespedes Also Took a Horse to Mets Spring Training (Video)

cespedes horse mets

Last week we got a lot of really cool and weird cars driven by Yoenis Cespedes to Mets training in Florida. It looks like he’s keeping the streak alive, but now he’s going with living, breathing forms of transportation, including this horse he rode in on. He also dropped a cool $7,000 on a 270-pound show pig.

Is he going to ride the pig? Is he going to eat it? Frankly, neither would surprise me. Nor would both.

Here’s Cespedes doing his best cowboy impression:

The horse’s name was Candy, in case you were wondering.

Here’s the pig. I guess it didn’t have a name:

And here’s Cespedes posing with the 14 year-old who raised it and his family:

Spring training is off to a good start!

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