Charles Barkley Says The NBA Is Full Of ‘Awful Basketball’ This Year (Video)


Even as the Golden State Warriors race towards possibly making history by breaking the Chicago Bulls 72-10 record, there has been an abundance of bad basketball this year. Former NBA player Charles Barkley has never been one to hold his tongue about anything and he let loose about how he feels about basketball play this year on Mike & Mike.

“It’s been very awful basketball this year. Awful. I mean just bad,” he said. “I’m not no old guy hating. But unless Golden State is playing the Clippers, the Cavs, Oklahoma City or the Spurs, I’m not gonna watch a full [game]. It’s not very good basketball, and I love basketball. There’s probably five games (that are worth) watching top-to-bottom.”

“We got to get more competitive balance. (Your) job and our job is to promote the NBA, but we want it to be competitive. We don’t want to have four good teams. I want people in Milwaukee, I want people in Philly, I want people in Boston. I want to see competitive games and right now we’re not getting that.”

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