Yup, Curt Schilling Has Some Thoughts on Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump


Curt Schilling has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinion, even to the detriment of his career. That seems to be especially true for his commentary on the world of politics since that topic appears to be fair game for most public personalities.

Of course, yesterday was Super Tuesday, with many states holding their primaries and the public getting a look at the biggest sampling of results since this whole election thing began to pick up steam last year. Curt Schilling found himself on Kansas City talk radio for most of the day (610 Sports in KC), where he said this about Hillary Clinton:

“If she’s allowed to get to the general election before she’s in prison I’ll be stunned and upset. Because I think she’s shown her true colors all along the way and I’ll ask you this: Do you see her being anything even remotely different than what we’ve had?”

“I don’t care what her titles are. She’s done nothing. She’s done absolutely nothing to further the success of the middle class. She jumps on the backs of people who she wants to be dependent on government. She needs these people to be dependent on her.”

So he’s not a fan of Hillary. Surely, then, he must think Donald Trump is a great guy who will, in fact, make America Great Again(!), right? Nah. He doesn’t care for that guy either:

“I’m tired of the We’re Going To Make America Great Again I get it, but what does that mean? If nothing else, Donald Trump has proven to politicians in every corner in the globe that America’s voting block is giving a giant middle finger to the establishment.

“Listen, he hasn’t elaborated, like, on two sentences for a policy. ‘We’re going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it.’ Okay, how? ‘Well, I’ll tell you later.’ There has been no depth to anything he’s said. But, look at the turn out. Look at the response, absolutely staggering to me. The only thing that tells me is people are sick and tired of the status quo, sick and tired of the lying, sick and tired of the manipulating.”

Realizing that insulting candidates on both sides of the aisle might not endear their network to fans, ESPN had previously instituted the following policy regarding on-air talent and their involvement in political commentary:

We should refrain from political editorializing, personal attacks or “drive-by” comments regarding the candidates and their campaigns. Approved commentaries on sports-specific issues, or seeking responses from candidates on relevant news issues, are appropriate. However perceived endorsements should be avoided. (In others cases guidelines on social media, acceptable commentary and political advocacy should prevail).


So I guess that’s that. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if ESPN decides to reprimand Schilling for his latest comments, or if they allow the three-time World Series champ to continue disseminating his political views through the media over the course of the next eight months.

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