This Dog’s Halftime Show Was the Highlight of the Villanova-Marquette Game (Video)

scooby wonder pup

Sure, we might be teetering on the edge of March Madness, but I don’t think any college basketball game ever would have eclipsed the awesomeness of Scooby, the tiny, walking, balancing dog that stole the Villanova-Marquette game’s halftime show.

I’m not exactly sure what Scooby’s professional background is, but for 15 minutes last night, Scooby was a bright, shining star.

Here’s Scooby in action. It’s easier to show this than to describe my delight in watching him climb on a man’s crotch and butt.

Scooby the crotch-climbing wonder dog. I’m hoping he gets picked up by an NBA team when the college season ends.  I bet he finds his way to the likes of Phoenix or Orlando.

And you have to love the title of the above YouTube video, “Little tiny dog does acrobat tricks at Villanova-Marquette game.”

That sums it up nicely.

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