Feel Free To Make This Bartolo Colon Yearbook Picture Your New Desktop (Pic)

Bartolo Colon is a pretty funny guy without any help. He’s enormous, has curly hair, and his first name is “Bartolo.” But when you add in the fact that he’s roughly 62 years old these days*, and he’s being seated in front of a background like those at second grade picture day, things go from good to great.

Just look:

Even the Mets are in on the joke.

Man, he really is showing that stool who’s boss, isn’t he? That thing looks like a footstool when he sits on it.

Maybe he could take one of these photos before each game of the season and turn it into a flip book or something. I could see that selling well at a Mets souvenir shop.

*That’s a bit of an exaggeration.  He’ll actually be 43 in May.


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