Somebody at the U.S. House of Representatives Edited the Joe Flacco Wikipedia Page to Say He’s Not Elite (Pics)

Joe Flacco Elite House of Representatives

On Tuesday, while voters across the nation awaited results from the Super Tuesday primaries, there was one person at the United States House of Representatives who was more preoccupied with the question of whether or not Joe Flacco is an elite quarterback.

How do we know this? Because of an automated Twitter account that monitors Wikipedia for edits made from known Congressional IP addresses.

Check it out:

That’s right. Somebody used a Congressional computer to edit the Joe Flacco Wikipedia page and indicate that, no, he is not elite.

And you thought Congress never gets anything done.

Here’s a log of the revision:

Joe Flacco Wikipedia Elite Edit

And here’s what the actual page looked like for a while:

Joe Flacco Wikipedia Elite

Unfortunately, barring a full-scale Congressional hearing, we’re never going to have any way of knowing who made these edits, which are still taking place.

Here’s the latest edit, which seems to suggest that Flacco is once again an elite quarterback:

Joe Flacco Wikipedia Edit

Clearly, Wikipedia needs to lock this page.

Hat Tip – [Baltimore Sun]

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