11 Year-Old Opens Tiger Wood’s New Bluejack Course With a Hole-In-One (Video)

hole in one

Tiger Woods spent most of yesterday spreading some bad news about still not having a timetable for his return, then admitting to the press later on that playing through injury almost certainly mortgaged his durability as a player.

However, he got a chance for a little revelry at the opening of his new course outside of Houston, called Bluejack National. The course has a 10-hole par-3 section for kids, and a few junior golfers got the chance to christen the course.

Here’s Taylor Crozier, an 11-year-old from nearby Corpus Christi, knocking down an ace:

Not bad, Taylor. I hope Tiger had a disgusted look on his face before trudging over, slapping on a fake smile, and shaking the kid’s hand.

“It doesn’t last, kid,” is what he probably told young Taylor.

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