Women Who Saw Seahawks’ Kam Chancellor At Gym thinks He’s “Homeless/Drug Addict” (911 Audio)


Yesterday, Seattle Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor who helps run a women’s boot camp in the offseason shared a story on twitter on how two women called the police on him, because he was looking through a window of a gym he wanted to purchase.

Today, TMZ got ahold of the 911 audio tapes:

“They’re trying to get in, and we’ve told them multiple times they need to leave, and there’s five of them, and they’re kinda like, pounding on the doors, break in, I’m not really sure,” the employee said.

“I didn’t see any weapons, but they have cameras and are taking pictures, and I’m really not sure what they’re trying to do here,” the employee answered. The employee goes on to tell the operator that the group has been on-site about 10 minutes.

“No, I don’t know why they’re trying to get in,” the employee answered. “Can you just get somebody over here please? I mean, I don’t know what they’re going to try and do next,” the employee said. “They’re bad news.”

“Yeah, they were trying to get us to open the door, asking us for information,” the employee said. “I don’t know if they’re, like, homeless kids, I know there used to be a lot of heroin addicts around here – that used to hang around here, so I don’t know.”