Terrell Owens Says He Never Meant To Upset Marvin Harrison (Video)

Not like former 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys WR Terrell Owens to backtrack on comments that he made, but that’s exactly what he did when he spoke with Deion Sanders & Rich Eisen on the Rich Eisen Show.

“The thing is that I never complained. I answered questions that were directed toward me during radio row and during the whole induction process, and again, I never complained, I just said I felt disrespected in regards to what the Hall of Fame was supposed to be about. Again, I never said a bad word about Marvin Harrison. I think there was some audio that I did where I mentioned I guess the gun charge or what have you but that was in regards to people saying stuff about character issues and they mentioned Marvin Harrison. I basically just chimed in on what transpired him. You want to talk about character issues, that’s what the Hall of Fame is supposed to be about.”

“Again, my point of emphasis was this has, and whatever he may have taken from what I said, again, that was not a direct insult at him. For me, my point was making that it basically addresses the flaw in the system of the Hall of Fame and the process. For me, his has nothing to do with Marvin Harrison. When I woke up yesterday, I was kind of blindsided, as well … Again, I don’t have any problems with him…”


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