Skip Bayless: “Floyd Mayweather Would Punish Conor McGregor In A Street Fight” (Video)

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Keep in my mind that this was recorded the day before UFC 196 where Conor McGregor got choked into submission in the second round by Nate Diaz. I’m quite sure Skip Bayless believes even more now that Floyd Mayweather would destroy Conor McGregor in a street fight.

This is what he had to say on ESPN’s First Take:

“I think Floyd would handle him(McGregor) in a street fight. I just think he’d out-dance him, he’d out-box him, he’d out-everything him. I believe Floyd would punish Conor McGregor in a flat out street fight with no rules. He’s just too gifted with his fists” 

Stephen A. Smith on Floyd & McGregor:

“Floyd Would destroy him(McGregor) boxing.”


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