This Portland Trail Blazers ‘Never Doubt Rip City’ Hype Video Does Its Job (Video)

portland rip city

While there are four or so teams (OKC, GS, SA, and LAC) that are clearly a cut above the pack, the rest of the West is a bit of a jumble at the moment. And though they haven’t been dominant, it looks like Portland‘s finding another gear that might not put them in the company of those other teams, but will at least guarantee a playoff spot (preferably one that doesn’t stop in Oakland in round one).

So the Trailblazers made this hype video, overdub by Bill Simmons, to remind the world that they exist, and are a pretty decent team.

It’s called “Never Doubt Rip City,” which is kind of a goofy name, but the video delivers the goods:

It worked. I’ll take a closer look at Portland than I would have before that video. Nicely done, guys.

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