PSD Underwear Sends “Year’s Supply” of Their Designer Drawers to Chris Jones, A.K.A. NFL Combine Penis Guy (Pic)

PSD underwear chris jones year supply

Remember when Chris Jones‘s junk fell out while running the 40 at the NFL Combine? Well, as you may have heard, Vivid Entertainment offered him a porn contract less than 24 hours after the embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. Now underwear company PSD has given Jones a “year’s supply” of their product.

If PSD sounds familiar, it’s probably because they’ve got a number of top-tier athletes officially endorsing their drawers, including Kyrie Irving, Marshawn Lynch, and Jimmy Butler.

What do the letters PSD stand for? That’s a good question. They could mean Pretty Sweet Drawers. But I like to think they mean something like Penis Securing Device, or Pretty Serious Dong.

How many pairs of $25 underpants constitutes a “year’s supply”? Also a good question. And the answer is, we don’t know. However, if the photo obtained by TMZ is any indication, I’d bet it’s a lot.

psd underwear chris jones

Of course, PSD isn’t the first company to send Chris Jones some high-end underpants:

However, while I’m sure Wear Naked makes fantastic products, they don’t have an endorsement from Beast Mode. So I think Jones is in better hands with PSD.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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