Denver Airport Honors Peyton Manning with…His Name Temporarily on a Gate? (Pic)


With news of retirement over the past few days, Peyton Manning is getting accolades and recognition from all sorts of sources, some normal and expected, some bizarre.

It’s not that strange that the Denver Airport would tip their hat to the QB (Ok, it’s a little weird), but the way they did it seemed like they had about three minutes to plan something.

They took gate B18 (18 because it’s Manning’s number, B because…Broncos, maybe?) and programmed the sign to show his name as though it was a flight or destination city from the gate. It’s weird, and it’s not that big of an honor, or even one at all. It’s also unlikely to last, considering they’ll probably need that gate back in the next 24 hours or so.

Maybe they could also make a donation in his name to the Auntie Annie’s Pretzels in the food court.

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