Bruins Goalie Jonas Gustavsson Has a Hell of a Time Getting a Drink of Water (Video)

jonas gustavsson water struggle

To casual hockey fans it may seem like goalies just stand around most of the game. But ask anyone who’s ever strapped on thirty pounds of protective gear and stood between the pipes while other people fired frozen chunks of rubber at them and they’ll tell you, goalies work up quite a sweat. And all that sweating makes you hella thirsty.

That, of course, is why goalies always have a water bottle sitting on top of the goal. Unlike the other players who are only on the ice for a minute at a time, goalies only get to the bench during TV timeouts. So they have to keep their water nearby if they’re going to stay hydrated.

Unfortunately, while we can send spaceships to Pluto and access almost all human knowledge with a few swipes of a finger, there haven’t really been any advances in water bottle technology in decades. So sometimes staying hydrated proves to be a bit of a challenge.

Just ask Jonas Gustavsson. The Bruins goalie was trying to get a drink on Tuesday night in Tampa before the start of the second period, but the water bottles just weren’t cooperating.

Take a look:

The struggle is real, man.

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