Drew Brees Posts Awesome 1998 Pic with Peyton Manning on Twitter

Peyton Manning‘s done with the NFL, and after a storied career, the memorials, retrospectives, and honors are coming in like crazy. However, Drew Brees decided to do things a little differently.

Rather than honor Peyton by building him up, talking about his accomplishments and all that jazz, the New Orleans QB decided the best way to show his respect would be to take things back 18 years to a time when everyone dressed like an idiot.

Here’s Manning and Brees, both looking like they’ve never seen a camera before (especially Brees):

The first TPS reader to correctly identify exactly what sleeve length Drew Brees is working with will receive a framed print of this picture. (NO. NOT REALLY.)

I guess we see in this pic that Drew Brees was fated to do commercials for jeans almost twenty years later.

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