Elementary School Kids Dump Water on Steph Curry, Draymond Green-Style (Video)

steph curry water

With all eyes on Steph Curry during this historic year, it seems that anything he does or that happens to him becomes an instant cultural touchpoint. So it should come as no surprise that when he visited an elementary school in the Bay Area, they all wanted to line up and dump water on him, just like Draymond Green did, in an effort to “cool him down.”

It’s pretty awesome, and great of Steph to allow these little fans to toss some abuse his way. He seems to be enjoying it, which leads me to believe that the water was room temperature.

Here’s the clip. Soak it up:

It’s also pretty fun if you imagine the water is boiling hot. And here’s where the move came from, courtesy of Draymond Green (and our coverage of Steph’s reaction here):

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