Larry Nance Jr. Has Fun with Jordan Clarkson Breaking the Ankles of Evan Fournier (Video)

larry nance dance

Jordan Clarkson laid out a pretty amazing crossover on Magic defender Evan Fournier, tying him up outside the three-point line, only to brush past him and sink a trey. As great as the move and the shot were, they were absolutely nothing compared to rookie Larry Nance Jr.’s reaction to Fournier’s misfortune.

On the sideline, Nance gave his best re-enactment of the play on Fournier’s end, tangling up his feet like he’s some drunk dude trying to Riverdance.

Here’s the initial play:

And here’s Nance the Junior’s reaction:

I’m surprised Larry didn’t injure himself with those moves. He must have stretched properly beforehand.

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