Latest Stephon Marbury Sneakers Will Turn You Into a Walking Night Club (Video + Pic)

stephon marbury calls out michael jordan

Stephon Marbury has not been shy about his ambitions in the sneaker business. The former NBA star has openly accused Michael Jordan of “robbing the hood” with his ridiculously high-price kicks that some kids will literally kill for. He wants to undermine the appeal of Jordans with his own affordably priced “Starbury” kicks.

This week Marbury launched another salvo in this ongoing sneaker war, teasing his new line of metallic light-up kicks that he hopes will “flood the world.”

Take a look:

The problem Marbury has always faced in the sneaker game is overcoming the perception that his shoes are just for poor kids. What he needs is a shoe that’s so cool that it won’t matter what they cost.

He may have that with his new light-up Starburys. They’re pretty ridiculous, but I can definitely see teenagers going for these.

What do you think, internet?

Hat Tip – [Fox Sports]

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