Female Lacrosse Fan Celebrates Goal By Shotgunning Beer All by Herself (Video)

Female Lacrosse Fan Shotgun Beer

While Notre Dame and Denver’s lacrosse matchup seemed to capture the attention of many Fightin’ Irish girls on the sidelines, it’s pretty clear that one of them was just there to drink.

From this shoddy cell phone video, you can see a whole gaggle of Notre Dame fans jumping up and down after what I presume was a goal against Denver (Denver ended up winning in OT), but one “fan” was using all the commotion as an opportunity to nonchalantly shotgun a beer then toss it to the ground.

I think I might love her.

(She’s sitting on the ground on the far left as the other girls jump up and down in a circle.)

She seems to be enjoying herself, and I respect her celebration more than anyone else’s in this clip.


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