Jim Harbaugh Starred in a Delightfully 90s Video Game Ad (Video)

jim harbaugh descent II

Jim Harbaugh seems to be a pretty intense guy, but in his earlier playing days, he might have been a little more chill. Or not.

Either way, he seems vaguely more human than his current self in this ad for Descent II, a first-person shooter game predominately on PC, but also on Playstation.

In the quick clip, the then-Colts QB offers up a couple quick lines, then his eyes turn blue for reasons I don’t really understand. He’s also wearing a turtleneck, which is a questionable fashion move, but seems to be in keeping with the Harbaugh brand.

Here’s the ad:

Now go out there and buy Descent II, Michigan fans!

Even with glowing blue eyes, I find this version of Jim Harbaugh to be more accessible and relatable than any version I’ve seen in the past decade or so.

I wonder if the glowing blue eyes were real or a special effect. He seems like he could bust out those eyes naturally if he gets angry enough.

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