Report: Johnny Manziel Used Browns’ Equipment Room to Sleep Off Hangovers

Johnny Manziel Sleep

This may sounds like a parody post, but it’s not.  Johnny Manziel actually slept off hangovers in the Cleveland Browns equipment room during his two-year tenure with the club.

Here’s a transcript from a MMQB article titled “The Fall of Johnny Football”:

But the Tennessee game would prove to be one of the few highlights of Manziel’s Cleveland tenure. When reinserted as the starter for an injured McCown later in the year, Manziel was ineffective save for the occasional improvisational play.

He wanted to party again, so he did, often showing up late to the facility for meetings and, according to a Browns source, sometimes sleeping off hangovers in the back of equipment rooms.

A note to all NFL GMs and head coaches thinking about signing Johnny Manziel once he cleans up his act: If the free agent quarterback wants to see the equipment room during his visit, he probably doesn’t plan on staying sober for long.

Hat Tip – [MMQB]

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