Sixers Fans Chant “We’ve Got Draft Picks” and “Trust the Process” During Blowout Loss to Nets

Sixers fans chant

The 76ers have been tanking hard for three seasons now in an effort to build a future juggernaut through the draft. And while everybody laughed at them for taking a seven-footer with a bad foot with the #3 pick in 2014—that would be poor Joel Embiid, who still has not played a single game in the NBA—the fact is they’ve got so many premium draft picks stocked up that wasting one doesn’t even matter. This year they have not one, not two, but three first round draft picks. Then they have two more in 2017 and two more in 2018. Even the Cleveland Browns could rebuild with seven first round picks in a span of three years.

At first, the Sixers fans didn’t buy into the team’s rebuilding strategy. And that’s understandable, seeing as how the team had gone two years without making the playoffs only once since 1997.

However, after a while you just get used to losing. It’s like the Stockholm Syndrome, but for sports. After watching their team go a combined 46-184 over the last three seasons, fans are now on board with the whole tanking strategy. In fact, they’re not just on board. They’re actively trolling other teams who are less fortunate in the draft pick department.

On Tuesday night in Brooklyn, while the Sixers were getting torched by Bojan Bogdanovic for 44 points in a 131-114 loss to the Nets, a bunch of Sixers fans who had bussed up from Philly for the game started chanting “WE’VE GOT DRAFT PICKS” and “TRUST THE PROCESS”:

As bad as things have been for Sixers fans, they have good reason to look forward to the future. Nets fans? Their team is absolutely terrible, and with only one first round pick over the next three years, they’re not going to get better any time soon.

Bummer, Brooklyn.

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