Spurs Fan Directs His Weak Heckling Game at J.J. Reddick (Video)


You don’t need a lot of context for this awesome video clip. The Spurs were playing the Clippers, and some Spurs fans decided to put the screws to J.J. Reddick…while Clippers guard Jamal Crawford was shooting free throws.

That was just the first of several errors on the heckling fans’ part. Next up was the fact that their heckling just sucks.

“Yo, J.J.! You’re not very good….”, etc.

Just…just listen:

There’s so many valid reasons to heckle J.J. Reddick. The tattoos, the first name “J.J.”, the haircut. But saying he isn’t very good reminds me of Homer Simpson deliberately trying to antagonize Ned Flanders for science:

At least heckle him when he’s got the ball. This was a disaster from the start.

Next time, just make an Adam Levine comparison, and we’ll all get on with our lives.

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