Celtics Fans Beg Kevin Durant to “Come to Boston” (Video)

celtics fans beg kevin durant

This summer just about every team in the NBA will try to win the biggest free agent prize since LeBron James. I am talking, of course, about Kevin Durant, four-time NBA scoring champion and one-time NBA MVP. His contract with the Thunder is up in June, and it’s been rumored that unless OKC makes a deep playoff run this year he’s going to go look for a franchise with which he can win a championship.

Are the Boston Celtics that team? I have no idea. Maybe? They’ve got a damn fine coach. And this year they’ve got three first-round draft picks, plus four second-round picks. So they’re about to get a huge influx of new, cheap talent. But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee them contender status in the future.

What I do know is that Celtics Fans want Kevin Durant bad. On Wednesday night the Thunder were in Boston to take on the Celtics, and at one point, while KD was at the free-throw line, Celtics fans started chanting “COME TO BOSTON.”

Take a look:

What does Kevin Durant think about this? Again, no idea. But based on this interview he did with ESPN before the game, it’s obvious he’ll listen to the Celtics’ pitch if they call:

Cue Dropkick Murphys…

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]