Chinese Basketball Team Brawls with Fans Outside Its Hotel (Video)

cba fight

The Liaoning Flying Leopards had fought back to take one game after trailing 2-0 to the Sichuan Blue Whales in the CBA Finals, but it appears that a hard-fought series isn’t what Blue Whales fans were looking for. When the Flying Leopards were leaving their team hotel with family members by their side, they were accosted by a mob of Blue Whales fans.

A fight broke out, putting one security guard for the team in the hospital.

The CBA rules mandate an 8-10 game suspension for any violent act by players, and that could be extended to a term as long as a season. Such a punishment could affect up to three starters for Liaoning.

At the moment, no punishments have been handed out.

Hat tip – [SB Nation]

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