Ex-Broncos RB Montee Ball Charged With Choking A 2nd Woman


Former RB of the Denver Broncos Montee Ball who was released back in September continues to dig himself in a deeper hole and his return to the NFL gets even blurrier. He has already been accused of choking one woman, and now another woman has stepped forward and said he choked her too.

The details on the new allegations:

The new charges against the former NFL player come on the heels of misdemeanor domestic abuse-related charges leveled against Ball after his more recent girlfriend told police that Ball injured her after he threw her across their hotel room in February.
Ball, 25, of Sun Prairie, was charged Thursday with strangulation and suffocation and with substantial battery, both felonies, and with two counts of domestic disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, for alleged incidents in June 2014.
Last month, Ball was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and misdemeanor battery for two incidents involving his more recent girlfriend.
In the incident that led to his arrest, Ball spent a night out with friends, then returned to his Downtown hotel room drunk and attacked his girlfriend, according to a criminal complaint, throwing her across the room. Ball told police that the woman was upset at him for cheating on her, the complaint states.

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