Former NBA Point Guard Mateen Cleaves Charged With Rape (Video)


It’s been a long time since Mateen Cleaves’ glory days as a Michigan State Spartan where he delivered the school a national title and a sub par NBA career that lasted 6 seasons. Today, the former NBA PG is charged with kidnap and rape.

Here is the accuser’s side of the story:

The alleged victim, her boyfriend and several co-workers met Cleaves on September 14 at a Flint-area charity golf outing, Worthy said.
The group later went to a local bar for drinks. The woman said that after leaving the bar at around 1am, her boyfriend gave a friend a ride home.
She believed she was returning to the golf club in Cleaves’ car, but says instead, she was taken instead to a motel in Mundy Township and sexually assaulted in one of the rooms.
She escaped and was helped by a woman in a nearby room, according to Worthy.
‘The evidence in this case will show that the alleged actions of this defendant were not only criminal, but arose out of a sense of entitlement sometimes found in prominent people,’ Worthy said.
Mateen’s attorney had this to say:
Cleaves’ attorney, Frank J. Manley, told The Associated Press on Tuesday night that the charges are ‘outrageous’ and ‘they’re false.’
‘They have been catastrophic to Mr. Cleaves’ career,’ Manley said. ‘Where does he go to get his reputation back?’
Manley, Cleaves’ attorney, said Worthy chose to charge Cleaves on Tuesday to ‘bring special attention’ to the case at the start of the NCAA basketball tournament.
‘We look forward to going forward for Mr. Cleaves’ who not only is someone who doesn’t take advantage of people, but has used his celebrity to help thousands of people in the Flint community over many, many years,’ Manley said.

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