Oklahoma Softball Player Posts Pic of Her Grandpa Eating a Burger, Internet Goes NUTS!!!


Kelsey Harmon, an Oklahoma softball player, was invited by her grandfather to come over and have some burgers with her five other siblings while many of them were back home for spring break. Unfortunately for Kelly’s Pawpaw, she was the only one of the six that made it over, leaving the world with this sad pic of her grandfather eating a burger while presumably Kelly ate one, too, and ten other burgers went to waste.

That’s right. He made 12 burgers for 6 people. Pawpaw is awesome.

The Internet has done its thing and both celebrated and mourned Pawpaw’s bad luck with the ole’ meme treatment. Take a look:

Kelsey has since responded with this nice message via Twitter, letting everyone know that she wasn’t milking her grandfather’s misery for fame. And I, for one, believe her:

Visit your Pawpaws, kids.

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