Spike Lee to Boycott “Whitest Game in Basketball History” Between Duke and Yale

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Remember just last month when there was a boycott for the Oscars for being “too white.” Well, Saturday’s NCAA Tournament game between Duke and Yale is already being labeled the “whitest game” in NCAA history. Nothing says March Madness like a competitive game between privileged 1 percenters.

Fresh off his boycott of the Oscars, Spike Lee is now calling black people to avoid attending and watching the game. He told USA Today, “First the Oscars now this, it’s total Bullsh*t. The white man has taken everything from us, but we always had basketball. But they just had to take that too. The next thing you know they’re going to re-make The Jeffersons with a cast of white actors in black face. I’m calling for a boycott.”

Lee’s boycott has already sparked a hashtag #MarchMadnessSoWhite, as people flooded Twitter with tweets, memes, and videos. While many people within the black community are filled with outrage, former Duke star Christian Laettner took the opportunity to troll everyone. He posted a pic wearing his old Duke jersey, a polo hat, and a pair of boat shoes while sitting on a golf course and holding a bag of cocaine. The caption read: “Don’t hate us cuz you ain’t us. #MarchMadnessSoWhite”

Many people are upset about Duke battling Yale, but financial firm Goldman Sachs is looking to benefit from the opportunity of young white rich men battling on a basketball court. The company has revealed the winning team will all be hired at the end of the basketball season. Goldman Sach CEO Lloyd C Blankfein told The Wallstreet Journal, “For years both Duke and Yale have been the perfect breeding ground for future leaders. They’re everything we look for in future employees: white, privileged, and an uncanny ability to only care about making money. We think it’s the perfect opportunity to offer jobs to the winners of this historic game for white Americans.”

According to ESPN stats the game will mark the highest number of trust fund babies to compete on the court during an NCAA Tournament game. The record of 12 trust fund babies breaks the previous record of 9 held by Harvard vs Northwestern in 1962.


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