The Oregon Duck Mimics the St. Joe’s Hawk Like a Pro (Video)

duck hawk

March Madness isn’t all buzzer-beaters. Sometimes, in its simplest form, it’s one guy in a bird costume making fun of another guy in a bird costume on national television. Such was the case on Sunday when the Oregon Ducks squared off against the Saint Joseph’s Hawks.

The Hawks fell to the Ducks, 64-69, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that this psychological ploy undertaken by the Oregon mascot did, in fact, make the difference between winning and losing. Though it probably didn’t. Most likely, it was just a fun five-second interruption from the staggering 50 games over the past few days.

Here’s the crime in its glory:

March Madness, indeed. I bet that hawk cried like a baby when it got back to the locker room, realizing it has been served by a duck.

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