Bill Belichick Adds Microphones to ‘List of Things He Hates’ at Coaches’ Meetings (Video)


I know it’s going to sound really strange that Bill Belichick doesn’t like something (sarcasm alert!), but that’s certainly how it appeared at the AFC coaches breakfast at Boca Raton this morning. The Pats coach sat down for breakfast, mumbled his way through a few questions, and then proceeded to wrestle with and badmouth the microphones that were stationed at his table.

Was it terrific and in keeping with the Belichick we know and love? Yes. It was.

Here’s the video:

Granted. We’ve seen Bill Belichick eat before, and there’s not much room for electronics around him.

It’s also nice to know that this was the first thing Belichick did after he arrived 20 minutes late. No hellos. Just pushing microphones.

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