Buffalo Bills President Wants Bills Mafia To Calm Down On Their Drunk Antics

Bills Fans Shopping Cart Bumper Cars

Every Sunday, before football games kicked off, social media’s eyes were on Bills Mafia videos and what insane thing they were doing that week. Body slams through tables, fires, puking, mooning, public sex, doing coke at the games, nothing was off limits for Buffalo Bills fans.

There’s one person who’s not a fan of the drunk escapades that were displayed this past season and that would be the Buffalo Bills president, Russ Brandon.

(via NewYorkUpstate.com):

“Well it’s never positive when you see stuff like that because it doesn’t reflect the fan behavior of 98 percent of the people in the building, but that’s the unfortunate part of the society we live in with technology and so on and so forth.

Yes, it is disappointing when you see that because that becomes the perception. But what’s nice to know is you see it in your surveying, and in your data, and when we get tremendous notes and letters from fans about what a great experience they had.”

According to data provided by the Bills, there were a record-low average of three arrests per game made at the stadium in 2015, down from five in 2014, and 25 per game in 2010. Last year there was an average of 57 ejections per game, down from 134 per game in 2011.

Let’s take a quick look back at Bills Mafia in action:

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