A Hockey Puck Is Hard, But No Match for a Hydraulic Press (Video)

hockey puck press

Recently on the Internet, there’s been clips going around that show things getting crushed by a hydraulic press. Some of them are violent and others are just totally weird.

Here’s their latest video, which features a puck vs. a hydraulic press:

This battle doesn’t go quite like you’d think. The puck sort of balloons out like a marshmallow, then, after about 15 seconds, the edge blows out like a tire pretty violently. I don’t know much about the composition of hockey pucks (besides the fact that they’re made out of vulcanized rubber), but I do know that I surely can’t crush one with my bare hands, so this hydraulic press thing is probably pretty strong!

I’m not sure why you’d want to ruin a perfectly good steak tenderizer like that, either.

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