Jeff Mayweather: “Dana White Talking That Stupid Sh*t, They Use Floyd To Promote Their Company”


You may or not be a fan of Floyd Mayweather or his uncle Jeff, but everything Jeff ranted about in the below passage is absolutely true. Especially when he speaks about the UFC, Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey.

This is what Jeff Mayweather had to say, via FightHype:

At the end of the day, I don’t give a f*ck what sport you’re in, everybody, every single person that’s ever played a sport wants to be undefeated. And they want to be undefeated at all costs and Floyd did that for 19 years. He did that is never going to be surpassed; not in this lifetime. They want to make it like Conor McGregor is so great because he went up and got his ass whooped. Wow! That’s great? You went up and got your ass whooped. It would have been great if you went up and did something and you actually won; just like Floyd did in 5 different weight classes.

I don’t even buy into MMA fans like to say, “Well, there are more ways to lose in MMA than boxing.” At the end of the day, that guy chose that sport. You chose that sport; don’t tell me about no goddamn ways of losing. Floyd chose the sport he chose and he walked away unbeaten. Just like there are a lot of ways to lose in MMA, one punch in boxing can end it all, and in boxing, you got a motherfucker throwing anywhere from 70 to 100 punches a round at your f*cking head and body, so I don’t want to hear that sh*t. It ain’t no different. They are both a combat sport. At the end of the day, the only thing a motherf*cker care about is if you won or if you lost. Because if Conor McGregor would have won, oh my God, he would have been the greatest thing since ice cream. But since he lost, now they want to give him credit for going up; going up and getting his ass whooped. You don’t get no credit for that. You chose to do that. You accepted that man’s challenge and talked plenty of sh*t about him, then you got your ass whooped by him. You made fun of him teaching Jiu Jitsu classes to children and then got choked the f*ck out.

You don’t get no damn honor points for that sh*t. I look at it this way, they ain’t got nobody else that can mention Floyd’s name. Who else they going to get to use Floyd’s name, damn Jon Jones or somebody else way bigger than him? Somebody he can’t never fight any damn way. Anybody that’s close to Floyd’s weight, they’re done. Their value is done now. Everybody listening to Dana White talking that stupid sh*t about Ronda Rousey beating up men and now they jump on Conor McGregor’s bandwagon, they don’t got no motherf*cking wagon no more. They don’t got nothing else to talk about. It shows that they need Floyd to promote their sport. They want to talk sh*t about the man, but it just shows how much they truly need Floyd to promote their company.

Floyd has never ever said that he wanted to fight one of them. He never said, “I’ll beat Ronda Rousey,” or “I’ll beat Conor McGregor.” Like I said, they had they little moment of fame. McGregor’s lasted almost a year and Rousey’s lasted about a year and a half. That is over with now. They can shut the f*ck up about what a MMA fighter can do to Floyd Mayweather because ain’t sh*t going to happen to Floyd Mayweather. First of all he’s never going to fight a MMA fight, and secondly, if you’re going to make one of them come fight him in boxing, we already know the result and everybody else know the result. It’s going to be the same result that professional boxers get against Floyd; actually it’s going to be easier. Fighting Nate Diaz was great, but at the same time, Floyd could never fight someone with a record or the caliber of a Nate Diaz in the sport of boxing. And to be honest, if he was to fight somebody in boxing with that same record, he would win easily. Floyd couldn’t fight someone with Conor McGregor’s record. Floyd damn near can’t fight someone with 3 losses. They had a fit when he fought Berto and Berto is a 2-time world champion. At the end of the day, there is one thing that Floyd did that nobody else did other than Marciano, he went out with 49 fights and 49 wins!

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