Soccer Fan Faints After Errant Lionel Messi Shot Breaks Her Wrist (Video)

errant lionel messi shot breaks wrist fan faints

You don’t really think about soccer being particularly dangerous for spectators. Baseball, yes. Hockey, yes. Golf, yes. Motorsports, hell yes. But soccer? Not really, no. The players wear shin pads and the goalies wear padded gloves. But that’s about it for the safety equipment. How dangerous could soccer really be to spectators?

Well, funny thing, actually. It turns out that, if you’re sitting right behind one of the goals, soccer can be pretty damn dangerous.

On Sunday, a Spanish soccer fan was hit by an errant Lionel Messi shot about 14 minutes into a La Liga match between Villareal and Barcelona. The ball hit her in the wrist, not the head. But it broke that wrist, and it sure looks like she went into shock and passed out from the pain.

Take a look:

Of course, the fan, who’s name is Raquel, will be just fine as soon as her broken wrist is heeled. In fact, according to Spanish TV channel Quatro, Raquel probably deserved her injury.

You see, she is a devoted Real Madrid fan. This was clearly punishment from the soccer gods for cheating on sexypants Cristiano Ronaldo.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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