$55 Million Not Enough, Erin Andrews Wants More Money From Marriott


Clearly, someone saw how much Hulk Hogan was awarded and got jealous. A little over two weeks ago, the Courts awarded Erin Andrews $55 Million from stalker Michael David Barrett and Marriott where he used a hacksaw to tamper with Erin Andrews room’s peephole to record her naked.

Marriott is to pay $27 Million and Barrett $28 Million, but there’s one problem…Barrett is flat broke. So Andrews wants the verdict adjusted so Marriott has to pay all of it.

Via TMZ:

Her argument is that the case is all about a peephole in the hotel and a horrible invasion of privacy. Her lawyers say both Marriott and Barrett are each responsible for the entire amount and Erin has the choice of going after one, the other or both.

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