Italian Goalkeeper Gigi Buffon Wrote a Poem About the Goal He Defends (Tweet)

gigi buffon

Of course an Italian soccer player is going to occasionally write poetry, odes even, to the inanimate object he defends for a living. I bet he wrote it in a park that he got to via a Vespa.

The keeper in question is Juventus netminder Gigi Buffon, who also tends for the Italian national team.

Here’s his poem. It’s actually not bad, and I bet it sounds AMAZING when he’s reciting it in Italian:

As is typical with both poetry and Italians, it’s a little heavy on the drama.

“Denying my past to guarantee you a safe future?” Come on. You probably make millions. Why did you need to deny your past. You need to forget who you once were to keep a ball out of a goal?

Still, a pretty cool move, even if it’s a little soap opera-y for my cynical tastes.

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