The Latest Houston Rockets Free Throw Distraction Is Extremely Disturbing (Video)

latest houston rockets free-throw distraction

The Houston Rockets were supposed to be genuine contenders this season. Instead, their season been a total trainwreck, and unless James Harden and Dwight Howard get their sh*t together for the final 10 games of the season, they’re going to miss the playoffs.

But hey, at least the Rockets free throw distraction game is strong. A few weeks ago they had a couple of women in trench coats flash the New Orleans Pelicans’ Ryan Anderson while he was shooting a free throw. Last night they painted some fat guy green and had him jump out of a trash can and shake his jigglies up and and down with Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood at the charity stripe.

Did it work? That depends what you mean by “work.” Did it distract Hood and cause him to miss the shot? No. Are we talking about the Houston Rockets right now? Yes.

Take a look:

Sorry, I should have warned you that you’re probably going to have nightmares.

Sadly, nightmares of a green fat guy popping out of a trashcan is the only thing Rockets fans have to look forward to until the Harden-Howard era officially comes to an end.

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