Memphis Grizzlies Star Zach Randolph Accused Of Choking ‘IG Model’


Let’s just say, this wouldn’t be the first time Memphis Grizzlies Superstar Zach Randolph was accused of choking somebody. There’s an ‘Instagram Model’ claiming Randolph choked and gave her a black eye in a L.A. Hotel.

Here are the details from TMZ:

“Memphis Grizzlies superstar Zach Randolph has been accused of strangling a woman at an L.A. hotel … though he is adamant her allegations are 100% false.
Here’s what we know … a woman who says she’s a model filed a police report with the LAPD on Thursday claiming Randolph “strangled victim causing bruising to her neck.”
According to the report, the incident occurred on Wednesday.
Sources connected to the situation tell us the woman claims to have a black eye, multiple bruises on her back, a sprained neck and sore ribs.”

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