Even Texas A&M Parents Left the NIU Game Before Their Big Comeback

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A recent ESPN story outlining the borderline miraculous comeback of Texas A&M over Northern Iowa provided some interesting details: specifically, that even the parents of A&M players had stepped out of the arena at that point, presumably because a 12-point deficit with 34 seconds remaining isn’t the type of thing you stick around to watch. Even if your kid is playing.

Turns out they missed one hell of a half-minute of basketball.

Admon Gilder, an Aggie who was instrumental in the comeback with a steal and the game-tying lay-up at the end of regulation, shared the following story:

“They left with under a minute to go. They were walking to their car, and somebody said Admon hit the layup to tie it. So they watched the double overtime in the car on the way back to Dallas. They said sorry they weren’t there to see that, and they loved me no matter what.”

They watched it in the car on the way back to Dallas. Real nice, mom and dad.

To be fair to them, they had work the next day, which I guess was more important than their son’s game. I mean, he’s a freshman, so he’ll probably do this a few more times in his career. Right? RIGHT?

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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