Adrien Broner’s Accuser Says He Was KO’d By The Boxer Because He Lost $14K


More details are coming out now about the alleged assault & robbery WBA light welterweight champion Adrien Broner is being accused of.

The boxer already has two warrants against him and now the accuser Christopher Carson is also suing him. In the lawsuit, Carson breaks down what exactly happened on the night of January 21st:

“The men had met two years earlier through mutual friends. That night, it was Carson and a teammate vs. Broner and his teammate.
Before each game Broner requested a side bet with Carson that ranged from $500 to $2,000, which Carson agreed to.
Carson won $8,000 from Broner, who ran out of cash. Broner then continued to bet another $6,000 on credit.
By the end of the night, Carson had won $14,000, the lawsuit says, but Broner wanted to bet another $6,000 on a final game.
Carson didn’t agree to that, the lawsuit says, and Broner “became upset and left the bowling alley.”
When Carson left a short time later, at about 3 a.m., Broner was waiting for him with a group of eight men, according to the lawsuit.
The lawsuit alleges Broner punched Carson, splitting his chin open, and then, gun in hand, continued to threaten Carson.
Afraid, Carson put his hands up.
Broner then punched Carson a second time, knocking him unconscious, the lawsuit says.
Carson says he woke up, his chin bleeding, to find $12,000 in cash he had on him missing.”
On top of all of that, police say that now have video of the incident.
TMZ Sports has confirmed … officials have video from outside of the Cincinnati bowling alley — which they believe will help prove Broner beat up and robbed a man with a gun on January 21st.
Sources connected to the case tell us the video is grainy and dark and you can’t see any fighting — you CAN hear a voice that sounds like Broner demanding, “Give me my money back.”
We’re told you can also hear people imploring Broner — “A.B. chill … A.B. c’mon!”

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