Former NBA Player Antonio Daniels Says Lebron Is A Hypocrite (Audio)


Last week, social media went crazy when Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James unfollowed the Cavs Twitter account suddenly. Before that, he was dropping cryptic tweets that seemed like a man that was done playing for Cleveland once again.

Former NBA guard Antonio Daniels was a guest on SiriusXM NBA Radio and he explained how LeBron James’ comments make him out to be a hypocrite.

“I would hate to be in a locker room with a guy who has one foot out the door already, but is constantly talking about leadership and is constantly talking about the process of becoming a championship-caliber team, a guy who’s constantly talking about, ‘You know, we have to understand the magnitude of the situation that’s here now with the team that we have put together, we have the opportunity to do something special’. ‘Cause in the back of my mind I’m thinking… What a hypocrite! You’re speaking about one thing, but your actions say something completely different.”

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