Trent Richardson: ‘Family & Friends Asking For Money Took Away My Focus On Football’


In 2012, Trent Richardson was a can’t-miss running back coming out of the University of Alabama, and he was selected 3rd overall by the Cleveland Browns. Hard to remember, but he had a solid rookie year rushing for 950 yards with 11 TD’s. It all came crashing down almost immediately.

Richardson sat down with Matt Zenitz of and detailed exactly what went wrong during his career:

There were also the family members and friends constantly asking for money to the point, Richardson said, that it became mentally exhausting and took away from his focus on football.

There were countless texts and calls each day. Richardson bought cars for people, somehow got stuck with paying for five funerals that were each at least $12,000 and treated people to unnecessary things like week-long trips to places like Disney World.

“And people still had the nerve to complain about the trip,” Richardson said.

With Hall’s help, Richardson has cut out many, if not all, of the family members and friends that so consistently asked for money and caused so much stress.

Richardson went on to say how easy it is to get lazy in the NFL:

“It’s very easy to get lazy in the NFL — not having everything scheduled and not having everything like at Alabama where it was so structured,” Richardson said. “We had study hall or we had to get a workout in in between classes and had five classes a day. It was just so structured. In the NFL, everything’s on your own.”

T-Rich has gotten yet another chance in Baltimore, hopefully it works out for him.

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