European Swings Ball Around Defender Like a Hula-Hoop, Still Doesn’t Get the Assist (Video)

ball handling

It’s a shame this three-pointer didn’t fall. If it had, it would have been a newsworthy play. As it stands, though, it’s just a moderately interesting play that didn’t really impact the game.

But it DID cause us to watch the clip a few times to figure out exactly what that diminutive guard was up to. It looks like he went into this bizarre move with something resembling a plan, and he managed to get the pass off, but I still can’t quite put the pieces together.

Also, this defender hopefully learned a lesson about maybe sticking his arms out a little further next time. They help with the defense and do next to nothing when they’re laying at your side.

It’s like the most creative nutmeg we’ve seen this year!

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