Baylor Coach Gets Pissed, Throws Her Jacket Down the Sideline (Video)

kim mulkey

Baylor coach Kim Mulkey had a lot to worry about on Monday night as her #1 seed team lost to #2 Oregon State. There wasn’t a whole lot she could do to right the ship, and I’m sure she’s not in the habit of losing or even having to come from behind to steal a win.

So she did what any coach would do. She freaked out.

During one play, it wasn’t clear what exactly the issue was, but Mulkey felt something was wrong, so while flailing, she took off her coat and tossed it down the sideline. (A Baylor staffer dutifully picks it up and puts it on a chair.)

The whole thing is great, and you can see it right here:

After seeing that, I vote we make Kim Mulkey a celebrity.

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