Buy This Rad Craig Sager-Gregg Popovich Lapel Pin and Support Cancer Research (Pic)

craig sager-gregg popovich lapel pin

Doctors say Craig Sager only has three to six months to live, but Craig Sager is not just going to sit around and take their word for it and go out with a whimper. He’s going to fight to the end and continue doing what he loves. And what he loves—besides family, of course—is covering basketball.

On Tuesday night, despite his battle against Leukemia, Sager worked the Warriors-Wizards game for TNT. And you wouldn’t even have known anything was wrong if not for everyone else bending over backwards to express their support.

Of course, it’s not just the basketball community showing support for Craig Sager. Check out this ridiculously amazing Craig Sager-Gregg Popovich lapel pin:

If you follow the NBA then you know Craig Sager and Spurs coach Gregg Popovich have a special relationship. Now you can celebrate this relationship on your lapel.

Also, 15 percent of the proceeds go to cancer research. So it’s a win-win. Buy it here.

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